Are you a STUDENT looking to get more out of a conference on GLOBAL POVERTY?

The 2012 Poverty Action Conference has come and gone.  However, we are coming back so keep checking back in.  In the meantime, enjoy the pictures and overview of 2012 PAC:

2012 Poverty Action Conference – By the Numbers:

  • 3 World Class Keynotes (Dan Morrison, Dean Karlan, and Jonathan Lewis)
  • 17 Student Presenters from Across the Country (MIT, NYU, UNC Chapel Hill, Notre Dame, PLNU…)
  • 14 Experts in Global Poverty from Academia and Non-profits
  • 12 Top-Notch Graduate Schools Exhibiting (Georgetown, John Hopkins, Newcastle, American…)
  • 1 Living on One Bus

“The Poverty Action Conference is extremely valuable in three respects:  One, students with powerful learnings from overseas projects can and do share them with peers.  Two, students who design and operate the event itself acquire organizational and leadership skills.  Three, students learn from invited experts.  Probably most valuable, the entire conference is bristling with enthusiasm, hope and energy.  Inspiring!”  – Jonathan Lewis (founder, iOnPoverty)

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